New challenge for myself is to write in English. I am in love with this language but apply it in daily life not so frequently , of course there are a lot of  reasons due to absence of conversational practice ( I hope that in future I  find an abroad friend with whom we will talk via Skype and practice my English 🙂 ) but I am going to talk about motivation.

Everyday people have some obligation such as work, school, university. Nowadays, it has association with negative definition. People need motivation for everything and where they get this portion of willingness to do something?!

Great amount of society have goals for instance I am going to improve my Italian because I want to win some grant for studying abroad. Aim helps people to make good habits such as learning words ( 10 words per day), work harder, develop yourself, make everyday routine more beneficial.

What about me? I am not perfect, I am lazy sometimes, sometimes very active but I am trying to obtain good habits and one of that habit will be English posts in my Blog.

I hope that You enjoy such little post.




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